Anett Pilz

Winner of the 2017 Bayclay Awards. 

My love for being creative and passing knowledge did culminate in my dream job Teacher for art & maths, what I practiced in Germany for many years. (Yes, I love numbers too!) But it was not until the year 2001 that I had the possibility to work with clay. Of course I wanted to make a dinner set! After many plates, bowls & cups... doing pottery is still fascinating for me. First: I can make everything! Not only round (plates) also squares or triangular shapes (like my sculptures). The second exciting development of clay is the treatment after the bisque- firing. I love the clean – mostly white surface. This is my canvas. I make the shapes to decorate them! 

When we moved New Zealand 9 years ago I found a lovely place where I work now, overlooking the Kaimai Ranges. Every day I find motivation and inspiration in this landscape. My ideas comes from old books and ancient architecture, special churches and historic places.

Sometimes I am amazed that archaic cultures had created so many modern patterns! I try to assemble old and new patterns to new life.

For many years I used the technique of the “On-glaze“, also called “Majolica“ - often used in Europe. After the first firing, the bisque ware is dipped into a bath of liquid glaze. When dry, the glazed piece is ready to be hand painted. In 2013 I met Irene Tusca-Falconer from the Rolling- Clouds-Pottery in Aongatete. Irene taught me to use cobalt blue underglaze, where the design is applied to the pottery before it is glazed. This is my preferred method now. To turn the attention to the
drawings I am making simple shapes on the wheel or I hand build. The sculptures or tableware I use, as a canvas for my pictures.

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