Caroline Burton

My Fibre Artwork has a strong spiritual component, each piece being an expression of aspects of my faith and inspired by natural forms. I am drawn to the hidden beauty in creation; secrets hidden beneath the ground, microscopic forms not discernible to the naked eye.

Parallels between these physical
secrets and the unseen spiritual part of us fascinate me.
Recently, I have sought to capture in print the etherial beauty of the stage where an artwork is at it’s most vulnerable, the fibres unconstrained by felting. The depth of colour and sheen of the silk fibres lends my prints a truly three dimensional quality. 

I grew up in the UK and during a large portion of my childhood, my parents converted a 300 year-old barn into a home. Dad was determined to do everything himself, learning new skills as required. The project took him 10 years, during his “spare” time. Growing up in this environment, I learnt that the biggest challenges have the most fulfilling outcomes. And that I needed to find the thing that I could be passionate about. I fell in love with New Zealand Merino wool fibre ten years ago. I have since taken what is traditionally considered to be a handcraft and developed my own technique and voice to create striking contemporary artworks with a painterly feel.

Felt making allows me to explore subjects in a unique way; incredibly fragile at the outset, the process becomes increasingly tactile and physical as fibres intertwine and lock together. The process of “painting” and sculpting with un-spun fibres is fascinating and compelling. There is an alchemy to the transformation of wisps of fibre into something with heart, form, structure and strength that grips me every moment that I spend in my studio.

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