Claudia Grutke

A part of me always wanted to be an artist, but I was sensible and chose a very grounded profession. Much to my surprise, I stayed in healthcare for more than 20 years. It took an earthquake with all it’s consequences to initiate change. About time. And so, four years ago, I took my paintbrush and my spatula and started painting. In my art, I am self taught. My paintings are largely unplanned. Images evolve as emotional reflections of my subject. Painting for me is about the process; You will find recurring themes such as beach, sea, and harbour. Semi abstract seascapes. Memories of life in a big city with a busy port are another subject of mine. Abstract city views.

In exploring intuitive spontaneous gestural movements, a series of day dreams is continuously evolving. Dreamy abstracts. Acrylics allow me to be spontaneous, as there is an immediate directness about them. When I stretch the limits of the paints, they surprise me. My process usually starts with a vague idea based on a photo, feeling, conversation or memory. There are no sketches. I jump right into the painting. And try not to think in the beginning. I act. One layer in the painting informs the next. I react. Sprays of water lead to paint dripping. Gravity adds an element of coincidence and challenges me. My intuition guides me through the process, and I just follow. Paintings are finished when there is nothing more to add and the balance feels right. I have participated in several group exhibitions in Italy, Spain and New Zealand over the past three years and am currently preparing a solo exhibition. My work is collected nationally and internationally, many paintings have found permanent homes in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and in Europe.

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