Emma Moncrieff

A Selection of Fine Art Paper Prints from the Dress Series

580 x 780 mm (Unframed)

I am a sculptor and painter. My background is in theatre and film.
I worked for many years on the World of Wearable Art show as a show script writer, character costume designer and maker, prop designer and maker and show character makeup designer and makeup artist.
I worked as a creature sculptor for W.E.T.A workshop and spent time as a makeup artist for film.
My work reflects my background in theatre and the influence is shown in the work I create.

My most recent ‘Dress Series ‘ paintings are inspired by the incredible history and intricacies of fabric design and embroidery, the ancient depiction of nature and the creatures that were admired and feared, real or imagined.
These images I paint into a magical world within the pattern of the dress. The viewer may just see the dress at first then on closer inspection is drawn into a theatrical and unexpected world.
In some of my dresses I have painted the the images as if embroidering with the paint with images taking form with hundred and thousands of tiny brush strokes.

My paintings are also very inspired by the music I listen to while working and this gives my paintings a rhythmical dancing quality and narrative. The beauty of nature and its preservation, human nature and our connections to the natural world around us are also a great influence in my sculptural and painted work 

I have previous work in collections both nationally and internationally.

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