Gary Brooks

A collection of work by Gary Brooks. The Orb Man.

Born in South Africa in 1965, I never really considered myself to be very creative. But that all changed when I immigrated to New Zealand in 1994. I decided to register on a 6 week art course and everything changed after that point. When people now tell me they don't have a creative bone in their body I tell them to give it a go and they will be pleasantly surprised. Everyone has something creative to offer the world. Tap into your creative juice, be yourself and be original, the rest will come naturally. When I am not being creative, the world just doesn't feel right.

Gary has been painting and exhibiting his art at galleries around NZ for the last 15+ years. Over 2 years ago his creativity took a new direction and he started experimenting with concrete:

"Working with concrete is a lot different than painting in that you are relying just on your hands to create something and not a paint brush".

After much experimenting and failures the 'orb' evolved to what it is today. Although Gary does more than the orbs, this has become his signature piece and he is fast becoming known as the concrete orb guy.

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