Marcel Zwezerynen

A collection of works by Marcel Zwezerynen. 

From out of the extreme heat of gas and coal forges, the shaping of raw steel takes form with well placed hammer blows and violence!

The forces and techniques required to create Marcel's work are many, from traditional blacksmithing to modern welding and machinery processes. Some of his sculptures portray strong environmental themes, while others mimic the beauty of nature, demonstrating his skill with a variety of materials, ranging from steel, copper, bronze, to native woods.  Marcel's works can have a strong structural feel to them while others are delicate, whimsical, displaying movement and quirkiness.

From the early days of my engineering apprenticeship, I found myself trawling through the scrap steel bin at work, picking out interesting profile cut shapes from steel plate and distinctive objects. The town dump was my favorite haunt, always leaving with more than I came with!Our backyard was soon transformed into my steel wonderland.

In early 2000, I traveled through Europe, I experienced extraordinary art scenes, which inspired me to head home, and eager to create my own. It is my ultimate satisfaction to be able to create, to work through the processes which produce an art piece that is appreciated and will live on. "

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