Sheryl Field

Pottery was something that I had always dreamed of doing ever since I was a child growing up in Africa. I moved to Tauranga 5 years ago and decided to start pottery lessons and it was evident after my first lesson that it would become my life’s passion.

I find incredible joy working with clay and getting lost in the moment. I enjoy testing and exploring different techniques and my work is constantly evolving. Although I do wheel and handwork I gravitate towards handwork, which allows me greater freedom of expression for my textile inspired works. 

I am constantly excited and intrigued by clay and I find that working with clay connects me with the sacred elements of the earth, constantly reminding me of my place in creation. I draw my inspiration from the world at hand, the colour and play of light in the sky, the changing seasons, the ocean, flowers, or a beautiful shape. I love Raku it is a very exciting way of firing and I often make use of this method because I like the unpredictable results and intense colours. I work from my home studio and produce both functional and sculptural pieces for galleries on the North and South Island.


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